There was a pivotal moment when I knew that it was time to call myself “boss” and take my life to the next level. I wouldn’t have been able to do this on my own; THAT I am certain of.

The truth is, we often need another’s help to unlock our full potential…

And that is our goal for you!

Grind (verb); rub or cause to rub together gratingly, “mountain ranges developed along fault lines where tectonic plates grind against one another.”
Mountains are magnificent wonders of nature, that have captivated humans for thousands of years. If there was only a single tectonic plate that made up the surface of the earth, we would have none of these phenomenal, naturally occurring structures. Think of success as a mountain and yourself as a tectonic plate. Without another tectonic plate, you most likely will never experience the impressive, regal presence of a mountain.

For me, this was indeed the case. I could not lift my dreams of self-employment off the ground without help and guidance. I joined a wonderful program of like-minded, motivated people and had a great mentor who helped me build my mountain.

My mountain is doing work that I love.

My mountain is a flexible schedule on my terms.

My mountain is having more time for my family.

My mountain is only travelling for vacations first-class with them.

My mountain is a salary of $1.5 million a year and growing!

These days, there isn’t anything that I want more, other than to help people make their own mountains with the grind. And that means you. You’re here because you feel the same thing I felt so many years ago. While the road is not easy, I can promise that it will unveil a life you never thought you could achieve.

Take a little time to think about it, but don’t wait forever. Let’s make your dreams reality with the tenacity and power of hard work combined with proper mentorship.

Let’s get the grind on, to build your mountains.

Let’s use your mountains to dominate your life.