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We help investors/families learn to gain traction in the house flipping world and help them bypass the common industry pitfalls that most of mentors won’t mention.

Consultation on:

– Assessing/Evaluating a property

– How to put together a proposal to lenders to secure finances

– How to Evaluate lender’s offers to make sure you are protected

– How to properly estimate/plan your renovation

– Designing a COST EFFECTIVE plan for renovation

– How to connect with the “right” Real Estate Agents

– How to choose “legitimate” contractors

– How to avoid common mistakes

– How to handle unforeseen expenses during the project

– How to make sure you are going to turn a profit

– How to spot a good deal

– How to bring your property to market

– Explanation of closing documents

– How to negotiate closing documents so you come out feeling great!

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Our goal is to bring IMMEDIATE AID to your house flipping knowledge or project. We meet you right where you are and take you by the hand and guide you through whichever part of the process that is causing concern, whether that’s all of it, or just a portion, WE’RE TO HELP!